Expert Consulting covering the domains

- Electrical Engineering

- Control Engineering

- Telecommunication

- eBusiness

- General Damage Analysis

- Professional Project Management


Via a proven Experts Network we are able to establish contacts of competence in the sectors

- Mechanical Engineering, Welding Technology, Non-destructive Material Examiniation (

- Steam Boiler, Pressure Compartments, Refrigerating Machines (

- Road Side Infrastructure (


Our Services cover the full spectrum of

- Consulting (Technology, Processes, Methods)

- Expert Evidence, Technical Assessment

- Analysis and Regulation of Damages (specifically relevant for insurance matters)

- Implementation by means of Task Management and/or Project Management



We work in line with the Code of Conduct of Court Certified Experts (Standesregeln des Hauptverbands der allgemein
beeideten und gerichtlich zertifizierten Sachverständigen Österreichs)