We offer Business Consulting in the areas of Strategy, Organisation, Processes and
Technology, with special emphasise on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and 
eBusiness (Strategy, Website Planning, eMarketing, Technology, Legal Requests).
Expert Support in the fields of Electrical Engieneering, Control Engineering, eBusiness
and Professional Project Management.


According to the principles of Fachverband Unternehmensberatung (Association of Business Consulting)
the following tasks should be covered:

1. Gather Information

2. Identify Problems

3. Analyse potential Improvements

4. Recommend Measures

5. Support Implementation

Since we are convinced, that only implementation of (Consulting) Concepts will provide the
intended results, we are ready to take over responsibility for this important phase
by means of Project Management and/or Task Management.


Base your judgement on our effectiveness!