Photographer Tours: Specific Photographer Tours are different from "standard" group tours and address travellers, who intend to return home with extraordinary pictures. Interest and dedication to photography is much more important than the size of your camera bag. We aim to meet this goal by small groups, passion for the best photo light (in general this will be in early morning, late afternoon or at night), sufficient time at selected photo spots and - lust but not least - with an experienced photo guide at your side. Together with the well known Photo Tour Operator ARR Reisen I offer such photo tours to the most impressive locations.

Travel Photography: Our world ist bright, dark, well-known, strange, calm, exciting, dangerous, cozy, loud or almost noiseless - in any case very interesting. There is lots to discover, not only at the most exotic spots in the world.

Event Photography: Every event is worth appropriate attention and documentation in order to stay among our top memories.

Documentary Photography: Based on interest and an eye for the specific detail impressive pictures can be found even in a well known environment. Why not be surprised by new perspectives of your house, appartment or office? Another aspect might be significant photos for documentation or expert evidence e.g. required for insurance purposes.

Reportage Photography: Some topics invite us to a more intense examination, from content pre-recherche to search for contact persons and the collection of material itself, leading to an interesting story made up of text, vision and sound.

HDAV: High Definition Audio Vision is story telling or message delivery by means of pictures, movies and sound (live, music and/or voice) - on high level both in technical and design terms. The term HDAV itself has been defined by AV Stumpfl for productions with a visual resolution of at least 1024x768 pixel.

Workshops: As a photographer I have tried a lot of methods, techniques and tools from exposure through computer workflow to the impressive presentation. I would like to share my experience with you.

Professional results require (among others) professional equipment. My pictures are taken with Canon full-frame DSLRs 
and Canon high quality lenses from 15 to 400mm focal length, Macro and Fisheye included. Post production is done
with standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Photomatix, PTGui and Wings Platinum.

For all the topics above and more questions related to Digital Photography I offer my professional support. Photographic
material to realize your project will be found in my archive or taken specifically on your request. Please contact me.